At Bright Valley Organics, we intend to stay true to small batch, top tier, soil grown indoor Craft Cannabis. Always hand trimmed with the finest detail. Many people choose to cut corners, we choose not to. Holding a commitment to the "OG" practices carefully handed down through generations, we strive to be outstanding in the local industry regarding terpene flavor profiles, reliable strain consistency, and overall quality of product.


Owner/Operator, Patrick has been a life long advocate for high quality cannabis. From The "old days" to the new, he has consistently maintained a hand in the ever growing industry. In 2013 he took advantage of an opportunity moving from his native home of Vermont to the infamous Emerald Triangle in California to hone his skills on a large scale outdoor medical cannabis operation, where his love for the craft was realized and truly developed. From there, he found home in Tahoe City California where he maintained and developed his career as a private chef and caterer, all while continuing to make connections and work with multiple cultivators of all sorts learning many different cultivation styles and techniques. In 2019 He moved back to the east coast, eventually landing in central Maine, again immersed in the cannabis culture and working with old friends and new to find, develop and acquire only top tier genomes and phenotypes. The wisdom of his teachers and those before him are respectfully considered in every aspect of operations, soil grown, unadulterated terpenes and earthy flavor is the vibe. Now, as of 2022, finally settled back home where it all began, Bright Valley Organics is ecstatic to continue the methods carefully passed down over the years and holds a dedication to provide only the most carefully crafted cannabis on the market. Love, gratitude and respect for the product is our ultimate goal.

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